Zoom Escaper lets you to disrupt your own calls so you can leave early

Zoom Escaper

COVID-19 pandemic is entering into it’s second year and work is continued from home for most of the people. Many companies are holding the virtual meetings on Zoom at any time of the day without respecting the personal time of the employee. Zoom Fatigue is a new thing coming out after no boundaries on the working hours.

The recent boom in the usage of Zoom app has given the rise to numerous tools. These tools can be used either for improving the productivity of Zoom or avoid it completely. One of such tools is Zoom Escaper that lets its users to disrupt their own audio in a conference to escape the meeting.

It is a free-to-use online software that has been developed by VB-Audio and it works by getting access to your microphone during the Zoom call. This tools then fakes a voice disruption that relays through the microphone of users thus giving other users in the call the effect of voice disruption due to poor connectivity.

How Zoom Escaper works?

In order to use Zoom Escaper you need to first visit the Zoom Escaper website i.e. www.zoomescaper.com and then download VB-Audio tool. The website has got all the instructions which will guide you to install the tool and set up to work with Zoom Escaper which itself remain on online page. This tool acts as a middle man between your microphone and the audio that reaches the call.

Once the things are set up, the users will then be offered with a list of Escape tools to select from. It includes the options like voice echo, construction work, barking dogs, crying baby and many more. The options can be implemented on their own or in combination for maximum effect. You ar required not to enable all of them at once which will sound unrealistic.

Once the call is done and you are free you can then go to Zoom Escaper page in order to hit the ‘Stop’ button. You can then head back to Zoom and switch to your actual default microphone. You need to use it with utmost caution as the users will themselves not be able to hear effects that are disrupting the calls.

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