YouTube mobile has removed ability to tap seek bar to skip in videos

YouTube mobile has removed ability to tap seek bar to skip in the videos - Baaythak

The ability to skip forward or backward while viewing a video on YouTube for mobile by tapping has been removed. This removal is a two-fold issue as on one hand it resolve the issue of accidentally skipping forward or backward when you try to fullscreen YouTube video but on the other hand it will also affect the quick skipping is not an easy affair now as it was in the past.

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YouTube on mobile noted that single tap for moving the progress bar caused the frustration as it ended up in accidental taps many times. Now you need to tap and hold and then slide the progress bar. When you will slide the red dot will track the movement and once the finger is lifted the video will jump to your desired portion. You can also forward and backward in 10-seconds increments by double tapping on either side of the video. The removal of this ability to skip forward of backward by tapping the seek bar may be annoying for some users but it does eliminate the accidental taps and skips issue which was facing by many.

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