Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker Review

Mi Smart Speaker Design - Baaythak
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Xiaomi is planning to expand it’s portfolio in India with the launch of smart speaker. They are already providing fitness bands, smartwatch, different TVs and smartphones. As COVID-19 has struck the whole world and people are forced to stay home and work from home, a smart speaker is a necessary item for bringing some relaxing and entertaining moments into our monotonous lifestyle. You can find many smart speakers in the market which includes speakers from Amazon and Google but what is it in Mi Smart speaker that you should consider it.


How Good is Mi Smart Speaker?

Mi Smart Speaker has got s very crispy and clear sound quality. This smart speaker is available in the Indian market for Rs 3,999. Xiaomi is going to drop the price of Mi Speaker for the festive season to Rs 2,999. It has got a very compact design and you can place it at any corner of your home. It is available only in black color, Xiaomi could have come up with different colors so that people could have a choice to match their taste. Mi smart speaker comes with 0.7mm metal casing which has a sturdy feeling. On the top of Mi smart speaker there are finger touch keys which includes volume up and down, forward and mic option. But if you don’t want to go towards your speaker you can simply ask Google to perform these tasks for you like by saying, Hey Google, volume 3. There are more a total of 10531 holes in the whole body of this speaker which offer a breathtaking sound experience. There is Mi brand logo at the bottom of the speaker.

Mi SmartSpeaker Price - Baaythak
Photo Credit: Xiaomi

Setting Up Mi Smart Speaker

Connecting Mi Smart Speaker is a piece of cake. You need to have a WiFi connection at home for connecting smart speaker with your smartphone. You need to ensure that both the devices are connected to the same network in order to have a flawless connection. Connection between the smart speaker and your smartphone can also be established via Bluetooth. You need to go to the Settings menu and pair the devices. But if you opting to connect your devices via Wi-Fi, you will be able to control your smart speaker by using Google Home app which is available on Play store and on Apple App store.

Mi Smart Speaker review - Baaythak
Photo Credit: Xiaomi

Can Link to your Google Account

Mi smart speaker can also make a Google Duo call to your family members and friends but you need to first ensure that you have enabled all the required settings by opening Google Home app. Your Google account can also be linked with the help of Google Home app plus you can also use various services like Ganaa, Jio Saavan, YouTube Music and Spotify etc. This smart speaker has got 16 million lights that create aurora inspired light ring in the room the moment you say Hey Google! The light will turn blue when the microphone is enabled and the light will turn orange when the microphone is turned off.

Should You Buy Mi Smart Speaker?

With the price of Rs 3,999, Mi Smart Speaker is without a doubt one of the best smart speakers in the town at the moment. It will serve all of your purposes and performs everything that you expect from a smart speaker. It’s setup is also very simple and Google Assistant’s performance is also very impressive.

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