Xiaomi is coming up with Retractable Lens for smartphones

Xiaomi Retractable Lens
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Xiaomi has come up with a new retractable wide-aperture lens technology for the upcoming smartphones which will enhance the portrait as well as low light performance on the devices. The lens was introduced at annual Mi Developer Conference 2020 which took place in Beijing.

If such lenses will be included in the future Xiaomi smartphones, it will enhance the photography experience to a great degree.  When a user will zoom into an object the lens will extend out. This will be similar to the working of lenses on traditional point-and-shoot cameras. According to Xiaomi the kens can extend out of the smartphone whenever required and the amount of light input will be increased by 300%.

The retractable lens can enhance the quality of portrait shots and the night photos on the smartphones compared to the existing ones. Xiaomi has also revealed that the lens will rely on a new form of the image stabilization technology in order to ensure that the images which are taken with it are more stable. The sharpness of the images will be increased by 20% on the photos. One thing should be kept in mind that this product is unlikely to make its way to any Xiaomi smartphone in the near future as it has just been announced.

Well this is not the first time such lenses are introduced in different products like Samsung offered a Zoom lens which would extend out on its Galaxy S4’s optical zoom option. Motorola also came up with the same in its Moto Z series. The Moto Z was equipped with Hasselblad True Zoom Mod with 10x optical zoom. So what is the difference between these devices and Xiaomi’s. Well if Xiaomi manages to launch then it could be a bit different as it provides a wider aperture along with enhanced low-light and portrait performance.

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