Will Messi and Ronaldo be Playing in the Same Team

Ronaldo and Messi in the Same Team
Let’s talk. Art by Fabrizio Birimbelli.

Ronaldo and Messi in the same team? It’s 2020 and everything is possible. Cristiano Ronaldo has been offered to Barcelona by the Italian club Juventus. Who knows we see two giants of the game playing together. Ronaldo joined Juve from Las Blancos in the year 2018. The club was expecting to win Champions League but Juve gone out of the competition in last 16 both times. It is being reported that the club is looking for offloading his wages and they have offered him almost everywhere. It will be some news if Ronaldo join Barca as he is considered as Real Madrid Legend and also, he will be running towards the goal post with Messi in the same direction.

What’s your opinion? DO you think Ronaldo will leave Zebre this summer and do you think we can see Ronaldo and Messi together? Put your thoughts in the comments below.

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