Who is Sushmita Sinha and Why is She Trending on Twitter?

Sushmita Sinha is a YouTuber as well as an Instagrammer who often rises the social issues in her videos on her social media platforms. But recently one of her videos has met with loads of criticism for playing with the sentiments of Hindus.


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In a video which she posted on Instagram, she talked about Teej, a festival that is mostly celebrated in northern part of India. She was of the view that it was misogynistic festival as the wives needs to fast for the long lives of their husbands. She also took a Teej Handbook and read some lines from it which stated that women who don’t believe in or follow this festival will suffer from misfortunes and poverty. In the ending portion of the video she shared that the Teej notebook that she has bought was not handy for her and she’d rather use it as tissue or toilet paper.

Sushmita Sinha controversial Instagram Story about the Teej Festival

This statement brought outrage. People were furious and they trolled her on the social media and #ArrestSushmitaSinha started trending on Twitter. At the moment no action has been taken against Sushmita.

She posted two videos in response to all the hate, rape and death threats she received after posting the videos.

You can watch full video of Sushmita Sinha here


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Women should stop practising these hollow beliefs.. Women are much more than fasting for men and fearing about these stupid books ..

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