WhatsApp will soon allow you to convert voice messages to text

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WhatsApp is now working on numerous features for the instant messaging app. WhatsApp is planning to add extra security for the chat backups. Another upcoming WhatsApp feature is the new beta build. According to some reports, WhatsApp will allow you to transcribe the audio messages into text. The messages will be transcribed by using the speech recognition AI and the transformation will take place at smartphone level. Which means the data will not be sent to WhatsApp or saved by them.

Once you have transcribed the message for the first time it will be saved in the local WhatsApp database so it is not required to be converted each time. But you have to give WhatsApp access to your phone’s AI engine which is responsible for voice recognition. This will surely raise some eyebrows from the ones who support total protection of personal data. This feature is in the development so there is no conformation about the launch date at the moment.

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