WhatsApp may soon allow you to send videos in high resolution

WhatsApp will allow you to send HD videos

WhatsApp over the years has used heavy compression algorithms in order to make sure that the videos reach to the recipient quickly. But this results in the poor video quality. But this may change soon with the future update of WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp is coming up with a new feature which will allow the users to select the video quality. According to WABetInfo, the user will be able to select between ‘Best Quality’ mode, ‘Data Saver mode’ and an ‘Auto mode’ which will determine the video quality which you share. This new update could be crucial to many users who may be restoring the services in order to send video of higher quality. Not everyone is restricted to date and time but they are also forced to downgrade video quality. But with the new feature the user will have a choice between data saving as well as good-quality videos. It is still not confirmed that what restrictions the ‘Best Quality’ mode will have. It is still possible that higher resolution videos may face some compression.

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