WhatsApp is trying to keep users from switching to Signal and Telegram

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Since the new terms of service is out, WhatsApp has been in a whirlwind and these changes has let other apps to fill in the space. After sensing that they are losing the ground in many major markets all around the globe, WhatsApp has pushed the deadline to accept new terms and looking for controlling the damage that has been caused.

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Now WhatsApp is convincing the users that they respect the user’s privacy. The new stories are spreading the same message that it is trying to send in last few days. The message says that WhatsApp can not read chat or listen to the calls. It also says that it does not share the contacts with Facebook and others.

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In India which is the largest market of WhatsApp, they have bought the front page ads in some of the leading newspapers that read, “WhatsApp respects and protects your privacy” The ad states that the new privacy policy introduced by WhatsApp will not affect the privacy of the messages with your friends and family in any possible way. It is only related to the interactions with businesses. However, WhatsApp has not told anything about the amount of metadata that it collects which is colossal when you compare it with other messaging services.

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After seeing that people are moving away from WhatsApp and are attracted towards Signal and Telegram, they will definitely spend more time on marketing in order to convince the users to stay. But WhatsApp should tell more about the data it has apart from addressing the false rumors and clarifying what data it collects and what not.

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