Virat Kohli Became The 1st Asian to Cross 75 Million Followers on Instagram

1st Asian to Cross 75 Million Followers on Instagram
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Indian Cricket team and Royal Challengers Banglore’s captain Virat Kohli has become the first ever Asian celebrity to cross the 75 million followers on Instagram. He is in fact the only Asian in the list of top 40 most followed celebrities on Instagram all around the world.


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Minions and a view. Can’t be wrogn 😉😃

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Instagram has probably become the most famous social media platform on Internet. Celebrities all around the globe use this platform to interact with their fans. During the lockdown period, celebrities use Insta Live to interact with their fans and gave them their life updates. Indian cricketers have a massive fan flowing on various different social media platforms but Kohli has the biggest of them all.

Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal is the most followed celebrity in the world with 238 million followers. American, singer and actress Ariana Grande is at number 2 in the list with 199 million followers. Dwayne The Rock Johnson is 3rd with 194 million followers. Kohli has surpassed Cardi B in the list and now has taken the 29th spot with 75.5 million followers. Kohli is in UAE at the moment to participate in the upcoming Indian Premiere League. He is leading the Bangalore side in this league and is hoping to lift the trophy for the first time.

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