Veteran Actress Meera Eats Burger In A Hilarious Way

Veteran Pakistani actress Meera is in Dubai for work and she is having a great time. Meera is updating her fans about almost everything on Instagram. Recently she shared photos of her eating a burger by the poolside. Everything here looks fine but one of the photos turns out to be very funny for the netzians.

Meera Jee's Instagram post eating burger 4
Photo Credit: Twitter/@meerajeeofficial

In one of the photos, Meera poses while she is trying to take a bite of the burger and she captures this moment from a very close angle. Netzians took no time to make fun of the actress. One of them wrote, “hahahahaha haad hai qasmy” After the backlash she deleted the post.

Instagram comments on Meera's post

Meera Jee's Instagram post comments Meera Jee's Instagram post about burger comment

Here are some of the photos from the deleted post of Meera

Meera Jee's Instagram post eating burger 3

Meera Jee's Instagram post eating burger

Meera Jee's Instagram post eating burger 2

Earlier she posted a very charismatic photo on her Instagram account and told everyone that she loves wrinkles and she does not believe in surgery.


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