US Cut Down the Aid to Ethiopia over Blue Nile Dam Dispute

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

USA has suspended a part of the financial aid to Ethiopia as they have not progressed much on the talks with Egypt and Sudan about the big dam that they are building on the Blue Nile river. Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia are having a dispute over GERD (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam) which is still unresolved though the reservoir behind the dam began filling in the month of July.

Nile River
Image Credit: AP

Ethiopia thinks that this dam is essential for its development and electrification but Sudan and Egypt think that it is a serious threat to their water supplies. It is still not clear how much million dollars are being cut in aid and also time period is not defined for how long the suspension will remain. Ethiopia’s ambassador to US has said that he had been informed about the US aid cut and they have told us that it is a temporary pause.

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