Unexplored Places on Earth – Pitcairn Islands

Pitcairn Islands
Photo Credit: Juergen T Steinmetz

Pitcairn Islands is the least populated territory in the world and is situated in the middle of Pacific Ocean. This place must be in the checklist of every traveler who are looking for some true adventure and remote horizons. Visit to these legendary islands will give you the experience which only few lucky ones have witnessed. No plane has ever touched the grounds of Pitcairn Island. The only way to reach in these mesmerizing islands is by taking a 32-hours yacht ride. As of 2020 only 50 people live on these stunning rocky islands.

History of Pitcairn Islands:

The history of Pitcairn Islands is very interesting, in 1789 acting lieutenant Fletcher Christian of Royal Navy mutinied on HMS Bounty along with his sailors. HMS Bounty was a merchant vessel which was purchased by Royal Navy for the botanical mission. The mission of acquiring breadfruit plants and transporting them to the West Indies was led by William Bligh. But this mission was never completed as lieutenant Fletcher Christian refused to take orders and burned the Bounty while she was anchored at Pitcairn Islands. All the mutineers settled in Pitcairn and Tahiti Islands. The ones settled in Tahiti were arrested by the British and those in Pitcairn managed to start a community. It became the British colony in 1838. Now all the 50 residents living there are the descendants of the mutineers. Whenever they need any medical attention they are required to go to Fiji or New Zealand. Pitcairn Island is almost 2 miles long and 1 mile wide. Pitcairn Island’s capital id Adamstown which has the population of 50 which is the whole population of Pitcairn Islands.

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