Twitter Spaces may get new replay and live chat features in the coming days

Twitter Spaces is all set to receive loads of new features which include replays and rules for the participants in a live chat. These features are still in the development stage and they are discovered in Twitter’s code by Nima Owji, a developer and app researcher.

According to Nima Owji, the code is indicating that Twitter Spaces will add four new options which will empower the hosts to control the room.


Twitter is planning to provide some specific rules for Spaces users. Though the rules are still unclear but as of now they may include a section for the hosts to define what can be said and what can not be on Spaces. A new option of “block’ a Spaces may be introduced which may indicate that Twitter will let the users to restrict live conversation to specific group of people.

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At the moment a user can only join any conversation when it is live and once the conversation is over users can not listen to it again but now it is reported that a ‘replay’ option will soon be added. This feature may be released as an option. Once it is enabled the user will be able to view the duration and also the users who participated in that conversation. It must be kept in mind that these are just the findings of the Twitter’s code so it is still not confirmed if these features will be available for the general public in the coming days.

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