Turkey Has Lifted Quarantine Requirement for Pakistani Passengers

Turkey has lifted Quarantine restrictions for Pakistani travellers

Now the fully vaccinated travelers from Pakistan are not required to quarantine themselves when they will visit Turkey. According to the new regulations, travelers from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India will have to just submit negative PCR test results obtained up to three days before entering in Turkey.

All the travelers who will produce the documented proof of receiving two doses of COVID-19 vaccines approved by WHO or Turkey or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine at least two weeks before entering Turkey will not have to quarantine themselves.

Ones who won’t be able to produce vaccination proof will have to quarantine themselves at their residences. Tourists will have to quarantine at the hotels which they will book. After that each one of them will have to take a PCR test on 10th day of quarantines. People who will not take PCR test on the 10th day will have to quarantine themselves for 14 days. If someone tests positive for COVID-19 then he/she will be dealt with according to the guidelines issues by Ministry of Health.

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