Top 9 Youngest Billionaires of the World

Top 9 Youngest billionaires

Becoming a billionaire is everyone’s dream. Most of the people achieve this feast after spending all their life working hard but there are many who become billionaire at a very young age. We have compiled a list of top ten youngest billionaires of the world. Most of them are the ones who have inherited the money from their parents but there are few who are self-made billionaires.

9 – Lukas Watson (34 years)

Lukas Watson is the grandson of Sam Watson who is the founder of Walmart. Lukas Watson is at the 10th position when it comes to age but at number one when it comes to net-worth. Lukas inherited the money when his father John Walton died in a plane crash in the year 2005. John Walton was piloting a home built ultralight aircraft. Lukas Walton’s net worth is $17.3B.

8 – Bobby Murphy (32 Years)

Bobby Murphy is the co-founder of famous social media app Snapchat. He is the Chief Technology Officer of American social media company Snap Inc. His net worth of $5.6B.

7 – Patrick Collison (32 Years)

Patrick Collison is the co-founder of Stripe, accompany that allows the people and businesses to accept money over Internet. His net worth is $3.2B.

6 – Evan Spiegel (30 years)

Evan Spiegel is the CEP of Snap Inc. and co-founder of famous social media app i.e. Snapchat. Everyday more than 229 million people use Snapchat to send the images, videos and messages that disappear automatically after some time. His net worth of $5.3B.

5 – John Collision

John Collison is the co-founder as well as president of Stripe, a company that allows people and businesses to accept the payments over Internet. His net worth is $3.2B.

4 – Jonathan Kwok (28 Years)

Jonathan Kwok is the son of late Walter Kwok who was the chairman of Sun Hung Kai Properties, Hon Kong’s largest developer. His net worth is $2.1B.

3 – Gustav Magnar Witzoe (27 Years)

Gustav Magnar Witzoe is the owner of almost 50% shares of Salmar ASA which is one of the world’s largest salmon producers. His net worth is $3.5B.

2 – Katharina Andresen (25 Years)

Norwegian businesswoman Katherina Anderson is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. She along with her sister each inherited 42% of Ferd. Her net worth is $1.3B.

1 – Alexandra Anderson (24 years)

Alexandra Anderson and her elder sister each inherited 42% of the investment company Ferd. Her net worth is $1.3B.


Kylie Jenner (23 Years)

Kylie Jenner was supposed to be the youngest billionaire in the world but Forbes exposed her lies and has removed her for the billionaires list. Her net worth is $590M.


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