Top 5 Strange Things Banned Around the Globe

Banning of different things is good when it is harming the society. in fact it is the duty of every government to ban the things which are not fruitful in any sense to the society but there are some weird things that are banned in different parts of the world. Some of them are as follows

Greece is a hell for Video Games Junkies:

Video Games are banned Greece

If you are a video game junkie then Greece will be the last place you want to visit as the Greek government has banned all the video games on the country since 2002. The main intention of the government was to eradicate the illegal gambling which led them to ban video games. You will be put behind the bars if you play video games even on your home PCs.

North Korea: Almost Everything

North Korea has banned Blue Jeans

In North Korea almost everything is banned even the some of the most basic things like laughing in public, sharing your opinion, believing in religion, watching TV, playing music, wearing blue jeans and even the worst leaving the country.

Malaysia: Yellow Color Clothing

Yellow Color is Banned in Malaysia

In Malaysia, you are not allowed to wear colored yellow. It can be anything, hats, shirts and shoes etc. the reason behind this is that yellow color is considered as the color of protesters. The Malaysian government in order to keep the opposition silent made this weird decision to ban the yellow color.

No Odd Names for Danish Kids

Danish Kid

In Denmark, if you want to name a newborn baby you have to select them from a list of 24,000 names provided by the government. This decision was taken by the Danish government in order to prevent parents from giving the babies weird and odd names. In case you want to give your child a name of your own then you need to get the permission of the government.

China: Jasmine

Jasmine Flowers are banned in China

The Chinese government has banned the Jasmine from the country. People can not grow it, sell it or even talk about it. This decision was taken after the Tunisian Jasmine revolution. China has also censored the name Jasmine from Internet. Chinese government think that Jasmine has got the power to disrupt it’s society.


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