Top 5 Most Beautiful Female Arabian Singers

Here is a Baaythak’s exclusive list of Top 5 most beautiful female Arabian singers.

#5 Samira Said 's exclusive list of Top Five Most Beautiful Arabian Singers (5)

Samira Said is undoubtedly one of th most beautiful Arabian female singers of all times. This 62 years Moroccan is at number 5 in our list of most beautiful Arabian singers. Samira was born in Rabat, Morroco but she lives in Egypt. She is one of the oldest female singers who is still active in singing. She began professional singing at the age of 10 when she participated in a talent hunt program in Moroccan TV. She sang one of Umm Kulthum song and mesmerized the audience with er beautiful voice. She released her first single ‘My God’ at the age of 10.

#4 Balqees Ahmed Fathi 's exclusive list of Top Five Most Beautiful Arabian Singers (4)

31 years old Balqees is a beautiful Yemeni singer who lives in Meirates. She is the daughter of Yemeni singer Ahmed Fathi. She had interest in singing when she was a little kid. She played various different musical instruments at a very young age. After discovering the hidden talent in Balqees, her father Ahmed encouraged her to pursue a career in singing. She is at the 4th spot in out most beautiful Arabian singer’s list.

#3 Cyrine Abdelnour 's exclusive list of Top Five Most Beautiful Arabian Singers (3)

Syrine was born in the year 1977 in Abadiyeh, Beirut. She belongs to a Christian family. She studied accounting and after her graduation she worked for various fashion shows. Though she is in her 40s but she looks a lot younger. This Lebanese singer got fame when she released her album “One Night From Nights” in 2004. Apart from singing, Syrine is also a well-established actress and model.

#2 Haifa Wehbe 's exclusive list of Top Five Most Beautiful Arabian Singers (2)

Haifa is also a Lebanese singer as well as actress. She has got the top position on People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people list. Haifa is in her late 40s but she looks as if she is in her 30s. She also acted in a Pepsi sponsored movie titled Sea of Stars. She is at number 2 spot in our list of Arab’s most beautiful singers.

#1 Salma Rachid 's exclusive list of Top Five Most Beautiful Arabian Singers (1)

Salma Rachid is a Moroccan singer who was born in Casablanca. She is just 26 years old and was studying Economics in University when she decided to switch to singing career. People call her Sultana and Cinderella. She also participated in the 2nd edition of Arab Idol and earned fame as well as respect for her talent. She has got staggering control over her voice and she can also master various different styles of singing as well.

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