Tom Cruise Practice a Fight Scene for Mission Impossible 7 in Norway

Tom Cruise in Norway for MI-7 shooting
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Tom Cruise is back in the business to work on MI7 after the shooting was cancelled due to COVID=19 pandemic. He has started the shooting of Mission Impossible 7 and was seen practicing a fight scene with a face mask on Saturday. Tom Cruise showed up in all-black as he rehearsed his latest fight with the stuntman abroad a train in Norge (Norway). The production of this block-buster series was shifted from UK to the Scandinavian country due to COVID-19 pandemic after the 5 months break.

Tom Cruise MI 7 Shooting resumed in Norway

The actor is playing the role of Ethan Hunt in this block-buster spy film series. He was attached to a harness for a fight scene on the roof of the train. Tom Cruise always does his stunts himself and here we can see he is doing the same. He also chased the helicopter as it took off into the blue sky. Tom hired a £500,000 ship for his crew to avoid the pandemic and the delays due to it. This movie has already been delayed for five months after COVID-19 hit Italy severely where the production was based in the month of March. This has already pushed the release date to November 2021. Mission Impossible is based on the agent Ethan Hunt and it will be directed by Christopher McQuarrie who has already directed Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation in 2015 and Mission Impossible – Fallout in the year 2018.

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