Tips to stay fit this Diwali

Tips to Stay Fit This Diwali - Baaythak (2)
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Festivals are there to be enjoyed and the Indian festivals are the other name of fashion and food which include fried snacks and sweets. In the festive season no matter how much effort you are putting in to stay away from the high calorie foods, a visit from your relatives is enough for derailing all your fitness plans. Since it is almost impossible to follow a strict diet plan during this festive season you don’t have to be harsh on yourself. But you can manage your diet plan by keeping a check on what is going in.

In order to manage your diet plans and keep your fitness on track here are some tips to follow.

Know how to strike a balance

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In the festive season people are often busy in decorations as well as other household chores and as a result they miss the workout. However instead of completely ignoring the workout  during the festivals people should focus on their macros by eating smaller portions as well as controlling untimely food cravings while continuing the work out.

Keep a check on your calorie intake

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For each festival you can make up by simply adjusting the adjusting of your meal. This will help you maintain best nutritional and calorie content. Here is an example, each small piece of sweet contains almost 150-200kcal. In order to compensate for its high caloric count refrain from 50 grams of poha, oats or rice from your meal. You can also switch a banana with one piece of chocolate and vice-versa. This is the most suitable way to ensure that everything is in balance and you can enjoy the sweets with your family without feeling guilty.

Just Enjoy the moment:

Tips to Stay Fit This Diwali - Baaythak
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While in festival you have chosen to enjoy, just make sure that stress is far away. Changing the diet slightly can help you in staying fit in our favourite foods and there is no point of being stressed or feeling guilty at all.

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