TikTok to challenge ban in USA

US President , Donald Trump banned Chinese social media app, TikTok, thorough an executive order on 14th August. However, ByteDance, the company owning the app,  has decided to challenge this ban and president Trumps executive order. The legal challenge is expected to be filed on Tuesday, 25th of August.

According to President Trump’s executive order, ByteDance was given three months to wrap up its operations in United States. TikTok owners, however, are declaring this act as unilateral and are asking for a fair treatment, for both the product and its users. Tiktok is also arguing President’s office terming it as a national security threat and plans to raise the issue in its judicial challenge. Earlier, Trump administration had accused TikTok for collecting sensitive US citizen’s data and the possibility that ByteDance may hand over this data on Chinese government’s demand, thus a national security hazard.

The ban has however helped a few TikTok rivals apps like Triller to grow in market and occupy whatever space is being created. Alongside TikTok, another well known Chinese app, WeChat is also under scrutiny and may be the next in life for a ban in US.


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