Thousands of Protesters in Belarus Join Opposition Rally – Dozens Detained

Anti Lukashenko Protests
Photo Credit: EPA-EFE / STRINGER


The situation in Minsk is getting out of control as thousands of Belarus protesters are on the streets against the re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko. During the rally on Sunday a total of 125 protesters were detained by police. Independence Square in the middle of the city has been sealed and is guarded by the security forces.

The interior ministry warned the citizens earlier not to participate in the rally in Sunday but the pro-democracy movement did not give importance to this warning and said that Lukashenko needs to realize that the masses are not with him. They also said that Lukashenko’s time is up. He has ruled the country for 26 years and today was his 66th birthday as well. Heavy security was deployed at the centre of Minsk but crowd gathered therewith the red and white flags and they were chanting “Leave”.

Belarus Protest against Lukashenko
Photo Credit: Aljazeera

Lukashenko is termed as the “Last dictator of Europe” and during his time period in power he was accused of repressing the opposition as well as new media. In last few days many people were arrested for their participation in the protests. Russian president Vladimir Putin has also supported Lukashenko.

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