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Amid the global pandemic COVID-19, working from home is the new norm. Now virtual meetings and conversations have gained more importance. Telegram, an instant messaging application has also introduced some new features in order to enhance the user experience. It has brought many updates related to comments, emojis, Admin and search filter. Here are some of the interactive features from Telegram.

Channel Comment:

The latest update from Telegram will let its users to comment on channel’s post, which was in past used only one-way earlier. But at the moment it will be only allowed to those channels which are linked to their discussion groups. You can also send voice messages, GIFs and stickers while the admins will be able to limit or block the comments to maintain the sanctity of the group.

Anonymous Admin:

The updated version has a new feature which will let the admins to hide their identity. Any message from the admin will reflect in the group’s name. This feature is present on telegram Channel’s post as well.

Profile Picture:

The new update now allows you to view the profile picture easily by pressing as well as holding any display photo in the group chat in order to take a closer look at the profile photo.


In the new update the animation pop-ups have also been included. This update will depict interactive animations while saving the media, deleting messages, changing the notifications and depicting interactive animations along with various new emojis. Users can also now hide or expand keyboard plus day and night mode can easily be switched from the left menu.

Search Filters:

Telegram has now come up with search filter that lets the users to easily search for any specific messages. This feature lets the users to access the required messages received or sent in past by these filters.

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