Telegram 7.2 has come up with new features and treats for Halloween

Telegram v2.7 with new features - Baaythak
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Telegram came up with a major release in September 2020 in which they added search filters, channel replies and many more. Now Halloween is just round the corner but Telegram team is not coming slow as they have come up with v7.2. With this release, the famous messenger app is improving a lot especially in pinned messages, animated emojis, location sharing and many more.

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Pinned Messages

With the new version, multiple messages can now be pinned with a tap on the top bar. A new button has also been introduced for viewing all of them at once. Pinned messages are now available in one-on-one chats now which were previously able only in channels and groups. This new feature is a welcome addition in Telegram.

Telegram Pinned Messages - Baaythak
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Live Location Sharing

In this version, location sharing updates are also live. Now when your friends will choose to share their live location, an alert can be set up when they are approaching near you. You are not required to glue your eyes to the phone screen. Plus, the icons will now show which direction both of you are facing. This will make it very easy to spot them in the distance.

Telegram Location Share - Baaythak
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New Animations

Apart from these features, loads of enhancements have been made in this update. When you will send multiple songs in one go, they will automatically be grouped together in the playlist which will make them easy to listen to, forward as well as comment on. When one song will be opened, all the other songs will be queued by using the built-in media player of the app.

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With the new update when you will send multiple files together, all of them will be displayed in a single chat bubble. There are some new stats on the individual posts for the channel admins which include a list of which public channels posts have been forwarded to and many more. Making of a meme is also very simple and easy in this update as you can easily as well as quickly edit and re-send a photo which you have received without downloading and re-uploading.

Telegram Android Animations - Baaythak
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Animated Emojis

Animations were improved greatly in the last month’s update. In the latest update they are on the same track. Sending the messages and switching the songs in the music player will look awesome with catchy and smooth animations. Telegram has also come up with some animated emoji which are perfect for the Halloween. This emoji set contains empty coffin and crawling spiders etc.

Telegram Scary Emoji - Baaythak
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