Suhana Khan Gave Befitting reply to the Trolls calling her “Kaali Chudail”

Suhana Khan gave a befitting reply to hater - Demands EndColourism -
Photo Credit: Instagram/@suhanakhan2

Suhana Khan has recently took to social media and share the screenshots of some of the hate comments she received over her dark skin. She posted several pictures today in the carousel post. In the first photo Suhana Khan can be seen smiling but the rest of the images are not happy by any means as she shared the screenshots of cyber-bullying she has faced. Most of the comments were in Hindi and Suhana Khan translated them for the international audience as well. You can also read Shah Rukh Khan’s son likes scary stories.


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Suhana Khan in her post wrote that this issue needs to be fixed and it’s not about her but for all the grown-up men as well as women out there who are feeling the inferiority complex because of this odd behavior of people. She added that she has been categorized as an ugly person because of her skin tone. She was also surprised that the people commenting on her skin tones are Indians and our natural skin color is brown. She said that in India if a girl is 5’7” and fair then she can get the license of being beautiful. She said that she is only 5’3” and brown and she is extremely happy about it. She advised all the men and women out there suffering from inferiority complex to come out of this shell and feel good about yourself.


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