Speed controls are now available for WhatsApp voice message

WhatsApp Voice Message

Some people in your circle speak at fast pace and some of them listen faster than others. Now if the variation is disturbing you then you may want to jump on to the beta channel. WhatsApp is offering the option to increase or decrease the playback speed for it’s beta users.

WhatsApp Voice Message Speed Control

This change was spotted by many users and also confirmed by various third parties. In order to activate the variable playback you need to tap the ‘1.0x’ label right next to the progress bar in an active voice message. At the moment 1.0x, 1.5x and 2.0x speeds are available. the playback speeds offered by WhatsApp are not many but then it is in beta. At the moment you can not slow down the playback. The new playback speed feature will be available to the users in patches. Many people are not able to see this feature even if they have got the latest build. On the other hand, many people were accessing this feature more than a month ago.

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