Some Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Windows 10
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Pressing various key combinations in place of hovering over the mouse all across you screen saves you time and time is money as we all know. These key combinations which will speed up our work are knows as keyboard shortcuts and today we are going to learn different keyboard shortcuts which can be used in Windows 10. You can find some very useful shortcuts below. You can also learn about some of the useful Photoshop shortcuts.

Windows 10 New Shortcuts:

  • Windows Key + I: This shortcut will open Windows settings.
  • Windows Key + F1: This shortcut will open Edge and Searches.
  • Windows Key + Ctrl + Left/Right: This shortcut will let you switch between virtual desktops.
  • Windows Key + A: This shortcut allows you to open notifications of Windows 10.
  • Windows Key + Ctrl+ D: Allows you to create a virtual desktop.
  • Windows Key + Print Screen Key: Allows you create screenshot of the whole screen in Photos app. Shortcuts about Connecting and Sharing
  • Windows Key + Ctrl + F4: This shortcut will close virtual desktop currently selected.

Windows Standard Shortcuts

  • Windows Key + L: This will lock Windows 10 device.
  • Windows Key + Enter: This shortcut will open Narrator. (Narrator is a program which can read the text)
  • Windows Key + Tab: Launches the Task View of Windows 10.
  • Windows Key: This shortcut will open the Start Menu of Windows 10.

Shortcuts for Cortana

  • Windows Key + Q: This shortcut will open Cortana’s Home View and it also allows you to search via speech or via keyboard entry.
  • Windows Key + C: this shortcut will open Cortana’s Speech prompt.

Shortcuts about Connecting and Sharing

  • Windows Key + K: This shortcut Connects to audio devices and wireless displays.
  • Windows Key + H: This shortcut shares content.
  • Windows Key + E: This shortcut will open Windows Explorer.


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