Some interesting facts about Jupiter


Jupiter is one of the bigger planets in our solar system. It gets its name from the king of ancient Roman Empire. It’s about 11 times bigger than our earth with a diameter of 142,800 km. It has no firm surface like earth, Its surface is made of an ocean of liquid hydrogen that’s why this giant planet has more power than others, because when planet spins with high speed the liquid in form of hydrogen inside it attracts everything that comes in its vicinity and produces a strong magnetic field. Its atmosphere mainly composed of gases like hydrogen and helium. Jupiter has the shortest day; duration of this day is about 10 hours. It completes its orbit around the sun in 12 Earth years (about 4,333 Earth days).

Jupiter has 53 confirmed moons and 26 are waiting for official names. It has 4 major moons Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto that are called Galilean satellites. In 1610 Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei discovered these moons with an early version of telescope.

Jupiter is also known for its colored clouds that are in red, white, brown color. These are appeared as strips on the planet. These stripes of color are called bands. These bands indicate the level of gas in Jupiter’s atmosphere. The bands in region where gas is raising upward are light colored whereas the bands in region where level of gas is sinking downward are dark colored. The light-colored bands are called zones on the other hand dark colored bands are called belts.

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