Snapchat’s Scan feature has got new update – Here’s what is new


Snapchat came up with Scan feature almost two years ago, letting the Snapchatters to point their phones at objects and know more about them. Now the company has introduced a new update to the feature that brings the Scan button front and center in order to increase the functionality. The next generation of Snapchat Scan will let the users to scan many elements including plants, clothing, food items and many more. The company has also said that the update will begin rolling to all the iOS and Android users over next few weeks.

In a press release, the company said that when people think of scanning, they always think of QR codes. Scan started also started off that way by asking the Snapchatters to ‘Scan a Snapcode’ to unlock unique AR experiences. As time go by the company realized that Scan and by extension the Snapchat Camera, it is a bridge for the digital and physical world. The next generation scan feature will make it quicker and easier to select the right lens at the right time. This feature will suggest various different ways of using camera including the Camera Shortcuts.

Snapchat Dog Filter

Snapchat users will also have the access to loads of Snapchat lenses which are available for more information. It includes a dog scanner that allows you to identify over 400 breeds of dogs, a plant scanner that can identify 90% of all the known plants and trees. There is a car scanner that identify the make, model, price and fetch review of more than 450 cars.

Snapchatters will also have access to integrated Shazam that allows them to recognize any music playing around them. It also includes a Photomatch which will allow the users to point the camera at a math equation to see the solution plus it has got a Nutrition Scanner that allows you to scan up to 1 million food products and get the ratings on the quality of the ingredients in various packaged foods.

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