Snapchat – How To Add Transparent Colors To A Snap

How to Add Transparent Effect in Snapchat

Even if you’re a passionate Snapchat user, you might have a difficult time keeping up with all the new updates. Many of them come with new features that are a mystery even to the power users of the app.

If you are wondering how you can add transparent colors to a Snapchat post, and want to learn some other awesome hidden features, make sure you read this tutorial.

How Does Snapchat Work?

Snapchat is available both for iOS and Android users for free. In order to install Snapchat all you need to do is to go to app store (for iPhone user) or PlayStore (for Android user), now you need to find Snapchat and tap install. After downloading, simply select a unique Snapchat username and password.

Once you’re logged in, you’re all set to get started. Let’s see how you can post something on Snapchat.

  • First of all, tap on the Camera button in order to take a snap.

Snapchat 3

  • In order to make a video just hold on to the Camera button.

Snapchat 2

  • Now explore the tools in order to make snaps more exciting.

Snapchat 10

  • Once you are done, select the friends whom you want to send your snaps to.

Snapchat 1

  • Now tap the Send button to complete the process.

Snapchat 9

Now that you know the ABCs of Snapchat. But there are many hidden Snapchat features as well as hacks that’ll make your snaps even more gripping.

Snapchat is famous for it’s hidden features and hacks that are difficult to find. One of the many hidden features is the transparent effect.

Have you come across the recent snap with some staggering, cool and transparent colors? Do you want to know how to make your own transparent-looking photos and learn what are other hidden gems of Snapchat? Well, we have come up with some of them in this tutorial.

Transparent Effect:

  • First of all, you are required to take a snap of something. When you’re satisfied with the snap, click on the sticker feature. After this scroll down and find the emoji or the sticker that you like.

Snapchat 8

  • You may want to enlarge emoji or sticker that has been selected in order to fit the screen as required. Imagine where you’d like the photo to be transparent and enlarge it accordingly.

Snapchat 7

  • In the next step you need to move your finger to the trash can button. Now hold your finger close to it and you will notice that your photo has become transparent. Just click on the send button while holding down the post. And you are done! You’re all set to send your awesome transparent photo to your friends.

Snapchat 6

Change the Speed of Your Videos:

You may have seen some clips of people running in fast motion or videos of raindrops falling really slowly. There’s a feature that lets you to create these sorts of snaps, but it’s not very common to lots of people. This hidden feature lets the users to make their videos fast or slow or even reverse them.

  • First of all, you are required to record a video clip. After this swipe sideways in order to access the feature. The icons are very simple and easy to understand. There is a snail icon that makes your video play in slow motion. On the other hand there is a rabbit icon that makes it faster and the backward-facing arrows reverse your video.

Adding Music to Your Snap Videos:

Many people like watching the videos with the background music. Now imagine how your snap will look like with a background music. This will surely make them exceptional!

  • Snapchat has added a Music icon in the toolbar. By tapping on the music icon you will be directed to a list with some cool songs. You can add any song of your choice.

Snapchat 5

Snapchat 4

  • There is another way of adding music and making your snaps more unique. All you need to do is play the song which you want to have on your snap and then record the video on Snapchat while the song is playing. The song will now be the part of your video.

Are there any other hidden features in Snapchat that you know of? If yes tell us all about the features in the comments section below.

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