Shane Warne’s driving license revoked in UK

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Former Australian legend, Shane Warne has been stripped off his driving license in UK after his reckless driving. He was caught crossing the speed limit in a rented luxury car on various occasions.  During his stay in UK he has 18 penalties on his permit and 12 is the legal limit in UK.

He was caught speeding on the road six times and he was still allowed to continue driving during his stay in UK for covering the English cricket season for Sky Sports. However now according to a report by Herald Sun, Warne can no longer drive a car in UK as he has lost his driving license after his lawyers have dropped his appeal suddenly.

2 years ago Shane Warne was caught in Kensington by a stationary speed camera driving rented Jaguar at 75km/h speed in the zone where the speed limit was 64km/h. After the inquiry the authorities decided that 51 years old former leggie has crossed the allowed speed limit and ordered him to pay a fine of $3,400. they also revoked his driving license.

The Deputy District Judge Adrian Turner has condemned the driving habit of the former cricketer during the sentencing last year. His violation occurred between April 2016 and April 2017 totalling 15 points in 12 months.

Now in July an appeal was lodged and Warne opposed revoking of his license and as a result his license was restored until the appeal would be heard at Kingston Crown Court on Friday night when his lawyers withdrew the appeal.

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