Saudi Arabia Uncertain about Future After Biden Win

Muhammad Bin Salman
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Saudi Arabia is probably the most affected country after the victory of Joe Biden in US election. The Saudi administration has taken its time to comment on the recently concluded election. Saudi Arabia supported the Middle East policies of Donald Trump. Riyadh also backed Trump’s staunch opposition to Iran.


Arab states were quick to congratulate Joe Biden on his victory but Saudi Crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman remained tight-lipped on U.S. election for hours. He congratulated Tanzanian president on his re-election though. Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman has very close ties with Trump which helped him avoid the criticism over the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, detention of the women activist and Saudi Arabia’s role in Yemen’s war. All of these areas may now become the points of dispute between Biden and Muhammad bin Salman.

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Biden has hinted over the reassessment of ties with Saudi kingdom in his presidential campaign. After entering the White House, Biden will demand more accountability over the brutal murder of Khashoggi in Riyadh’s Istanbul consulate. Biden will also end U.S. support in the Yemen war. In a Democratic Debate last year, he hinted on punishing Saudi leaders for Jamal Kashoggi’s murder.


Saudi political circles are neglecting any possibility of the cold relationship between kingdom and the US as they have pointed towards the strong and historic bond between the two nations. But Saudi Arabia’s newspapers are sensing the uncertainty about the future.

Saudi Arabia strongly supported Trump’s tough sanctions on Iran. Biden on the other hand said that he would return to 2015 nuclear pact between the world powers and Iran. The nuclear deal was negotiated under Obama’s administration when Biden was vice president.

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