Samsung S Pen Pro is a pencil-sized stylus for the S21 Ultra

Samsung S Pen Pro

The S pen support on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is now official. Now the Notes are not the only Samsung handies to have support for the styluses. In fact if you are looking for getting one for S21 Ultra you will have a choice between the regular S Pen and a S Pen pro.

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Just like the S Pen in Note 20 Ultra, the S Pen Pro has got the support for Bluetooth and will provide you access to the air gestures. It will enable you to control the media as well as presentations remotely. As for as it’s size is concerned there is no official information. The S Pen Pro is pretty much larger then the skinny stylus that come with the Note phones.

Samsung S Pen Pro 2
The S pen pro will be very comfortable to use but there will be a bit of problem to store it as it will not come up with a carrying case like the smaller S Pen had. The S Pen pro was not given sufficient screen time at the event therefore there are some questions which left unanswered. The S Pen Pro has not got a price tag yet. It has not been informed yet that how this pen will be charged i.e. wireless or wired charging. We are also unaware of the fact whether it will offer a low latency experience like the note 20 Ultra’s S Pen does.

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