Rumors about Kim Jong Un Dying Surfaced Again – Experts Say They are Baseless

A wild rumor has surfaced once again on social media about Kim Jong Un that he is dying but this time the experts are saying that do not believe on them. Jang Sung-min,  a former South Korean minister said on Friday that he has been informed by an unnamed source in China about Kim Jong Un that he is on coma but his life has not ended.

Kim Jong Un
Image Credit: AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File

Social Media was flooded with the rumor that Kim Jong is no more or near his end. New York Post and The Mirror also reported about Kim Jong that he is in coma. And the news about her sister given all the powers and overseeing the relationship with South Korea spread like a wild fire. However the experts and analyst on North Korea are of the view that this is just a rumor and the source of the news is also not reliable. Jeffery Lewis who is a North Korea watcher has tweeted about the recent appearances of Kim Jong Un. He also said that Kim has been very active in the month of August.

The speculations about Kim Jong Un’s death or overthrown are not new as we have already heard of many rumors about Kim Jong Un. A rumor was spread in the year 2012 that Kim has been assassinated during his China tour. Then again two year later in October 2014, he was declared dead after the claims that he had been removed from his office in a coup. Just 4 months ago in April 2020, he was assumed to be dead after he missed his grand father’s birthday parade on 15th April 2020. This news of Kim’s death also spread like a wild fire in the whole world and US intelligence agencies started investigations. Kim reemerged on 2nd May, 2020 at the opening ceremony of fertilizer plant. What are your thoughts about this story? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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