Rules and Regulations of Ultimate Kricket Challenge 2020-21

Ultimate Kricket Challenge 2020-21
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T20 has changed cricket over the last decade but now a new format in cricket is going to change it altogether. The Ultimate Kricket Challenge is the future of the game and the stars like Yuvraj Singh has already predicted it as the future of cricket. Dubai will host the first edition of UKC from 24th December till 1st of January.

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UKC 2020-21 will introduce some new Cricket rules in a new one-on-one cricket match format. Each match will be played between two UKC contenders. They will play against each other across 4 innings of 15 deliveries each.

Rules of the Ultimate Kricket Challenge 2020-21

  • A UKC contender will be awarded with 2 points after winning a match in the league stage.
  • A UKC contender with most of the runs at the end of each game will be the winner.
  • Top 4 UKC players will qualify for the Semi Finals.
  • The winners of the the Semi Finals will advance to the Final.
  • Each innings consists of 15 balls. A UKC Contender has to bowl a minimum of 8 deliveries per inning while a sub player known as an Ace can bowl maximum 7 balls per innings.
  • Each UKC Contender will be assisted by 1 fielder and 1 wicketkeeper when bowling in the UKC Dome.
  • Bouncer is not allowed and it will be called a No ball and the next delivery will be a Free Hit.
  • A penalty of 1 run will be given on each No Balls and Wide.
  • A UKC Contender can gain run only after they have completed a physical run.
  • Scoring has been divided into 6 different scoring zones
  1. Zone A – 1 run
  2. Zone B – 1 run
  3. Zone C – 2 runs
  4. Zone D – 3 runs
  5. Zone E – with a bounce 4 runs
  6. Zone E – Without a bounce 6 runs
  • If a batsman hits the BullsEye (behind the bowler) he will get 12 runs and gains an extra ball to play. Bullseye on the square of the wickets will earn the batsman 4 runs.
  • Every time a batman gets out 5 runs will be deducted from the total.

UKC Contenders

The first season of UKC will see six superstars who will be the UKC contenders. These players are Chris Gayle, Yuvraj Singh, Rashid Khan, Eoin Morgan, Andre Russell and Kevin Pietersen. All of them will compete each other every day from 24th December 2020 to 1st January 2021.

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