Review: Ary’s Ghissi Pitti Muhabbat

Ary’s new drama serial “Ghissi Pitti Muhabbat” has premiered on 6th August and public is showing a mixed reaction after its first episode and trailers.

The serial is written by Fasih Bari Khan and revolves around our society’s cliche for love and marriage. The trailers and first episode shows how young girls in our society dream for their future life, love and marriage. But when they face the reality, they find it totally different to their dreams. The serial also depicts how sometimes younger siblings have to suffer due to a problematic marriage of the elder sister.

Ahmed Bhatti is the director of the serial and the main cast includes:

  • Ramsha Khan
  • Wahaj Ali
  • Saba Hameed
  • Shahood Alvi
  • Samina Ahmed
  • Sana Askari
  • Shaheen Khan
  • Arjumand Rahim


Some social media users are praising the first episode and concept of the serial. but most of them are of the view that the serial presents nothing new and is run of the mill stuff. Anyhow, we have to see how the story develops in coming episodes and how well the actors and director carry it. Till then we only wish the team all the best and hope that they present something interesting and deliver social messages.

What do you think about this serial and its OST, let us know in comments section below.


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