Ramiz Raja announced price hike for domestic cricketers

Ramiz Raja

The newly elected chairman of PCB Ramiz Raja has announced a monthly pay hike for the first-class cricketer in Pakistan by 600USD. He also revealed that his is focusing on increasing the standard of Pakistan’s domestic cricket.

Ramiz Raja has said that players have uncertainties regarding the new system. The players have no idea that how long they will play or for hoe long they will be paid. The players are also clueless about what they need to improve and how their performance is being evaluated. PCB chairman has said that he has spoken to the Pakistan team and has discussed the model. According to Ramiz Raja, aggressive approach is in the DNA of Pakistan cricket and we are an unpredictable side in the cricket world. Ramiz Raja has said that he has loads of wishes for Pakistan cricket but these wishes will remain wishes if we don’t work seriously on our technique and skills.

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