Rajasthan Royals need to win big against KXIP to edge past KKR

Rajasthan Royals
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Mumbai Indians are leading the race with 16 pints to their name and even though they have not officially reached 18-points mark but it is now almost impossible to count Mumbai Indians out of the playoffs as they have got an impressive NRR. Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Capitals are tied at 14 points each and they are still not safe yet as the positions at 4 to 7 are changing on continuous basis.

Ben Stokes Rajasthan Royals
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Friday’s match between Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals is of utmost importance. RR has previously lost the matches by big margins which has affected their net run rate badly. But after these heavy defeats they have won two matches. If KXIP lose both of their remaining two games KKR will benefit from it.

Sanju Samson
Photo Credit: BCCI

As for as Rajasthan Royals is concerned, they need to beat KXIP with a huge margin. This season has been a very tight one as after 49 matches no team has still qualified for the playoffs. KKR lost to SRH in the 2019 season in the NRR battle and this time we can expect the same. Now Rajasthan Royals needs to win both the matches and that too with big margins. If they lose even one match then they will officially be out of the tournament.

KXIP also need to win against Rajasthan Royals in order to stay in the playoffs race. If they will win both the games, they will seal 4th place and if they win one out of two game then it will come down to NRR once again.

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