Punjabi singer Diljaan dies in car accident

Photo Credit: Twitter

Popular Punjabi singer Diljaan has died in a road accident on Tuesday after his car collided with another vehicle on Amritsar-Jalandhar highway near the Jandiala Guru town of Amritsar. Some of the Sikh devotees who were returning from Hola Mohalla rescued Diljaan and took him to the hospital where he was declared dead. The Police is investigating if the car has hit a stationary vehicle as the front body of the vehicle is damaged badly.

Chief Minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh took to Twitter and left a condolence message on the tragic death of the very talented young singer.


Diljaan got the fame from the reality TV show Sur Kshetra in 2012. he was about to release his songs which include Tere Warge 2 and Hanju. He announced about his upcoming songs on Facebook just two days ago.

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