Portland Clashes – 1 Dead as Trump Supporters Clash with BLM Protesters

Photo Credit: Nathan Howard/AFP

Black Lives Matter protesters had a clash with a large caravan of Trump supporters on Portland streets and as a result one man died after being shot. Portland which is the epicenter of protests for more than 90 days since the brutal killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

On Saturday a large caravan of Trump’s supporters comprising of 600 vehicles was on its way when it was confronted by Black Lives Matter protesters in the downtown area of the city. The Police of Portland heard gunshots from the Southeast 3rd Avenue as well as Southwest Alder Street. They responded quickly and located a victim with a gunshot on his chest. The victim was later declared dead. After the shooting protesters gathered in the downtown area and fighting began. Police said that they have arrested ten people.

President Trump on the other hand issues many tweets and retweets which included the ones blaming the Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler for the death. In one tweet Trump was encouraging his supporters to move into Portland.

Trump shared a video of his supporters who were driving into Portland for confronting with the protesters and he wrote, “GREAT PATRIOTS!” there were videos which showed that the Trump supporters were firing the paintball pallets at the BLM protesters. They were also using bear spray as the BLM protesters threw things at the caravan in a counter attack.

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