Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has opened it’s doors for the tourists from all around to globe to explore all the areas which were untouched till now. The Kingdom is planning to improve the tourism department and is spending billions of dollars to enhance the infrastructure and develop the cultural as well as entertainment sites. The tourism is the integral part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. Here are some of the places that you should visit when you will touch the ground of the Kingdom.


Narjan is a very colourful city situated at the Yemeni border and provides some staggering views to its visitors. It has got a very rich and unique history, culture and architecture which more like the neighbouring country Yemen. Najran has always been an important place for the north and west of Arabia and Yemen. This city is situated 300 km south of Abha and 930 km southwest of the capital city Riyadh. The traditional souk (market) is  very interesting place for the tourists. The daggers of Najran are very popular and also the symbol of pride. Men from Najran hung the daggers on the belt wore at the waist.

Narjan Saudi Arabia

Old Mud House in Narjan
Old Mud House in Narjan

Farasan Islands

Farasan Islands is a group of 84 islands administered by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These islands are in Red Sea and it’s main island id Frasan which is 50 km of the island if Jizan. Frasan is also the main town of the island. Most of the islands are uninhabited and they serve as the breeding sites for many birds. These islands are also the natural reserves for the Arabian gazelles. Reaching the Frasan Islands is very easy as it is free of cost. It is a gift for the tourists from the King of Saudi Arabia. There are two ships at your service. One ship leaves the Jizan Port at 7:30 AM and the other one leaves at 3:30 PM. Farasan’s marine richness as well as coral reefs are the heaven for the divers.

Old Ottoman House in Frasan Islands
Old Ottoman House in Frasan Islands
Arabian Gazalle in Frasan Islands
Arabian Gazalle in Frasan Islands

Empty Quarter

Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia also known as Rub’ al-Khali is the world’s largest sand desert.  It covers almost a quarter of the kingdom’s land and is the largest area of continuous sand. It is believed that you should not enter the desert without any guide as by doing so you will be dead. This is because the lack of water resources, extreme heat as well as mazes of sands will ensure that you will not leave the quarter alive. This quarter extends over four countries. Majority of Empty Quarter lies in Saudi Arabia while its eastern part extends to UAE. It’s southern border is in Oman and the southwestern border lies in Yemen.

Rub' al Khali Saudi Arabia


Wahba Crater

Wahba Crater is the dramatic natural wonders of Saudi Arabia . This volcanic crater is 700km from the city of Riyadh towards Taif. It has got some breath taking scenery which includes an oasis, lava fields as well as salt pans. It is said that the real mesmerizing place is when you climb down into the crater’s heart. In the bowl’s center there are white sodium phosphate crystals that create sparkling crust from the sky.


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What are your thoughts about Saudi Arabia? Have you ever visited this mostly unexplored country? If yes what is you experience of visiting Saudi Arabia? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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