PEMRA Bans Pakistani Dramas Ishqiya and Pyar Kay Sadqay

PEMRA Bans Ishqiya and Pyar Kay Sadqay

The electronic media regulatory authority of Pakistan has banned two of the most watched drama serials Ishqiya and Pyar Kay Sadqay. The reason to ban both of them is the ‘indecent content’ stated the regulatory authority. Pakistani drama industry is booming now a days and providing some of the most captivating content for it’s audiences all over the country. Critics say that as the production houses and writers are doing their best to create something different and imposing content but the decisions like these from PEMRA will not do any good for the drama industry.

Pyar Kay sadqay


Recently PEMRA decided to ban Hum TV’s Pyar Kay Sadqay and ARY Digital’s Ishqiya on the basis of indecent content. They criticized the above-mentioned dramas for showing the content not suitable for the society. PEMRA issued to notification on Friday via social media. The viewers are a bit perplexed about the decision from PEMRA as both the dramas which have been banned by the authority are aired on TV with great success and have finished. The notification states that repeat telecast of both these dramas is strictly prohibited. PEMRA is also eyeing on the ARY Digital’s drama Jalan which is currently airing on the channel after they received complaints against it.

What are your thoughts about the recent action taken by PEMRA on these famous TV dramas. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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