PCB is planning to offer $250,000 to attract world’s premier players in upcoming PSL

Ramiz Raja

The newly appointed chairman of PCB Ramiz Raja has decided to offer lucrative deals to the famous and impact players. In this regard Ramiz Raja held a meeting with Pakistan Super League franchise owners.

Ramiz Raja believes that PSL can easily attract the top-notch cricketers of modern days from all around the world. If such players will be part of PSL then the league will be more successful. Raja met all the franchise owners today and came up with the plans to improve the next season. According to some reports, the marquee players may get up to $250,000 for playing in one season. At the moment, the maximum contract deal is $160,000. one of the main points of this meeting is to come up with a plan to offer lucrative packages to the big guys of crickets. Some of the key players are ready to participate in PSL 7 but with the new offer even bigger stars from all around the globe will participate in the league.

In the meeting, the owners of all the franchises raised the issue compensation and their share in the entire earnings. According to PCB there is no criterion for the franchises related to the hiring of the coaches. Some of the franchises are only picking up the coaches based on personal relationships and friendships which is not a professional approach. This issue will also be discussed in the meeting. The follow up meeting has been scheduled on Monday 27th September 2021.

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  1. I can only laugh on it as IPL is paying some player individually more than this money, and PCB is planning to use quarter of a million for attracting bunch of world class players

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