Parler social network app removed from Google Play

Parler app removed from Google Play store

Parler, a social media free speech tool that was growing significantly and was considered as an alternative to Facebook and Twitter has been banned by Google. This app was criticized on continuous basis for letting the extremist content as well as damaging the conspiracy theories. Google decided to ban the app after the raid on the U.S. Capitol by far-right extremists that resulted in the demise of five people. On the other hand, Apple asked Parler to establish the new moderation policies.

Google has confirmed that the ban will not delete Parler app from the phones in which it has been already installed and the site will also continue to function in Google Chrome with full functionality. But the site is having some issues at the moment. Parler was released in 2018 and in a blink on an eye this app became very famous for the right-wing activists as well as politicians, especially for the ones who were banned from Twitter and Facebook. This app gained more popularity after the US presidential election in November after a surge in the fact checking by Twitter and Facebook on the posts from Donald J Trump and other Republicans.

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