Pakistan is one of the three countries living a normal life despite COVID-19

Pakistan ranks 3rd in GNI

The Global Normalcy Index (GNI) has ranked Pakistan at the 3rd position just below New Zealand and Hong Kong. Pakistan grabbed a score of 84.4 out of 100 while New Zealand Hong Kong received 87.8 and 96.3 score respectively.

On the other hand, India has been ranked 48th with a score of 46.5 after struggling to contain a COVID outbreak caused by double mutant Delta variant. China is placed at 19th position; USA is at 20th and the UK is on 36th position. GNI has been compiled by ‘The Economist’ and it focuses on the progress of the countries towards normal life. Eight different indicators have been used for the grades which include, time not at home, office occupancy, retail, public transport, flights, road traffic and sports attendance.

The top ten countries according to GNI are as follows.

Rank Country Score
1 Hong Kong 93.3
2 New Zealand 87.8
3 Pakistan 84.4
4 Nigeria 84.1
5 Ukraine 83.6
6 Romania 82.1
7 Denmark 81.3
8 Egypt 81.2


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