Pakistan Has Banned Flights to UK Amid Fears of New Coronavirus Strain


Pakistan has banned the flights to UK over the fears of transmission of the new and fatal mutated Coronavirus strain that was recently detected in the Southern England. Aviation division issued a notification that restrictions have been imposed on travelling to and from UK. This travel ban will be imposed from the midnight 22nd December 2020 till 30th December 2020.

This restriction will be applicable to the ones who originate travel from UK and are in UK in the last 10 days. Travelers with the Pakistani passport are allowed to travel to Pakistan under certain conditions which are as follows.

  • A negative PCR test that is conducted within 72 hours prior to flight.
  • PCR test on arrival in the country  under the supervision of Directorate of Central Health Establishment or the regional health staff.
  • Mandatory home quarantine for seven days.

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