Now you’ll soon be able to listen to WhatsApp voice notes in the background

WhatsApp voice notes in the background

WhatsApp voice messages have been improving day by day. Users can now easily control playback speed and can listen to them before they are sent. Their appearance has also been enhanced greatly as the waveform is now visible directly in the conversation. Another long-awaited enhancement has also been in works which will let the users to continue listening to a voice message while browsing other conversations.

Voice Notes in background

According to WABetaInfo, the feature is still under development with a card shown atop the WhatsApp window while browsing other threads. Users will be able to pause, resume or stop playing a voice note without having to stay on the conversation. This is quite convenient if you want to reply to another thread while continuing to listen to voice message. This feature is still not available for the beta users but it has been confirmed that the feature will be available in future.

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