North Macedonia: A dream story of UEFA EURO 2020/21

Running a fairy tale like run at the moment, Igor Angelovski may give the biggest surprise of this century so far

North Macedonia is making their debut in UEFA European Championships when they are facing Austria in Bucharest today. Till the time this article is being written, they are keeping up to their magnificent form and are giving Austria a run for their place in the tournament. Even though the scoreline says 1-1 at the moment but the story behind their incredible qualification to this tournament is nothing less than a fairy tale.

Even though the North Macedonians had lost to Austria in both their qualifying games and that too comprehensively, but after those losses, they were a totally different team and are unbeatable for 8 consecutive matches with the grand saga coming when they had beaten the mighty Germans in qualifiers. Earlier this March North Macedonia stunned not just the germans but the whole world when they downed Germany with a 2-1 in Duisburg Germany, at German’s own backyard.

They are unbeatable in their last 8 games

Igor Angelovski’s team is in high spirits and by the look of things today so far, they seem to repeat the feat which countries Iceland and Wales had in recent UEFA European Championships. Most of their players play in top European leagues and are all well trained in their skills. It is only a matter of them being a team and do what they are doing till now since qualifiers.

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