Nohkalikai Falls – A Breathtaking Waterfall in India With a Spine-chilling Legend

Nohkalikai Falls is a breathtaking and one of the tallest plunge waterfalls in India. It falls from a height of 1,115 feet in Maghalaya. This waterfall is almost 55km away from Shillong (Scotland of East) and is located in Cherrapunji, which is considered as the wettest place of the world.

Nohkalikai Falls
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You can hear the voice of water way before you reach this place as it gushes fiercely to the ground thus creating a very heavy sound. At the sunset the view from the falls is astonishing as you can see the nearby villages that looks like hamlets from a fairy-tale.

The Spooky Legend Attached to Nohkalikai Falls:

Nohkalikai Falls has a very spine-chilling story attached to it. The mesmerizing falls that has been surrounded by lush greenery and clouds has something attached to it which will shake you hard. According to the Khasi Legend once there was a woman whose name was Likai living in a village named Rangjyteh. She was a widow and was working extremely hard in order to make both ends meets for her and her little daughter. The villagers convinced her to remarry so that she can support her daughter easily. She agreed to this and married again. The stepfather was jealous of Likai’s daughter as Likai was giving more attention to the little girl. Out of all the jealousy, one day when Likai was out working, he chopped the poor little girl into pieces and cooked her meat. When Likai came back, she ate the meat which was cooked. When she found out what actually had happened, she was out of her senses. She went out and jumped off the falls. Nohkalikai name is given after that unfortunate woman and the name of the falls means ‘the jump of Likai’


Nearby Places:

There are two more falls nearby which are Dainthlen Falls and Nohsngithiang Falls. Plus, if you are planning to visit Nohkalikai Falls then you can also explore Mawsmai Caves which are only 12km from the falls. The nearest airport to the falls is Guwahati International Airport which is about 166km away from the Falls.


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