Neymar faces racial comments and hits back on twitter

PSG vs Marseille

Marseille has beaten the arch-rivals PSG for the first time after nine years. But it didn’t end before a high drama as Neymar the main pillar of PSG was among the five players who were sent off in stoppage time.


Neymar received the red card after a fight with the center half Alvaro Gonzalez. He was shown the doors after a video replay which showed that he aimed a jab to the back of Gonzalez’s head. As Neymar was going out of the ground, he told the officials that he faced the racist comments from Alvaro Gonzalez. After hearing Neymar, Andre Villas-Boas, the Marseille coach said that it is a serious matter if it happened. He also added that what they have seen and was visible is the Angel Di Maria spat. Neymar later took on to Twitter and wrote that he only regrets one thing that he has not hit on the face of that idiot (He was referring to Gonzalez).

Naymar shown red card against Marseille
Photo Credit: Twitter

This victory of Marseille came after 9 years. The last time they won against PSG was in November, 2011. PSG is losing the track as they have lost three consecutive games which includes the UEFA Champions League final as well. For the first time in 35 years, PSG has lost the opening two league games and Tuchel may come under huge pressure.

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  1. FIFA should take strong action in this case as the governing body claims for zero tolerance against racism in football

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